Time Out Organic Bath Milk


Let go and breathe.  Experience the deepest of calms with an indulgent blend of Cypress, Ora ... Read More


Let go and breathe.  Experience the deepest of calms with an indulgent blend of Cypress, Orange, Juniper Berry, Geranium, Marjoram and Chamomile. 

This peaceful aromatic creation is accompanied by an exquisite fusion of skin nourishing soybean, argan and coconut oil.

Made with 96% Organic Ingredients


How To Use Me

Swirl a small pour of bath milk through warm running water. We recommend a cap full per bath.

Shake well before use.


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Gift Wrapping
100% Organic Ingredients
Cypress Oil, ‰Sweet Orange Oil, ‰Geranium Oil, ‰Juniper Berry Oil, ‰Marjoram Oil, ‰Chamomile Roman Oil, ‰Sweet Almond Oil, ‰Soyabean Oil, ‰Argan Oil, ‰Coconut Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Orange Fruit Water‰, Aloe Vera, ‰Rosemary Extract‰, Glycerin
The Little Extra's
Sucrose Laurate
125 Grams




Posted by Eli, 7th Jul 2016
Relaxing, soothing and gentle on my dry skin. Perfect pampering treat.

a luxurious time out

Posted by christine, 22nd Jun 2016
I love having a bath before I go to bed and this bath milk is luxurious. It smells lovely and leaves me feeling relaxed and my skin feels soft.

Bath time treat

Posted by Catherine Bennett , 18th Jun 2016
Mmm, smells divine and leaves your skin feeling wonderfully soft. Great for a good nights sleep too.

Lovely bath time treat

Posted by jaime miller, 6th Jun 2016
I received my time out bath milk last week and absolutely love it. It smells divine and I now have to hide it from my 7 year old daughter!


Posted by Sharon, 31st May 2016
I love baths and this product has made bathtime an even more pleasurable experience. The smell is gorgeous and only a capful is needed. A truly lovely bath milk.


Posted by Hannah, London, 3rd Mar 2016
It has now become my Wednesday evening routine to have a bath. This bath milk is like nothing I have ever tried before. Its super relaxing and I sleep completely sound after using it. I then put on my argan & frankincense oil before bed and wake up feeling like I have new skin - its as soft as a babies! Its my perfect Hump Day treat! I love the Lucy Annabella products and can't wait to try the candles!

Rested lady with the help of an amazing sleep aid!

Posted by Mary, 9th Sep 2013
There was a time that I wasn't keen on baths. All of my friends never stopped talking about ‘me time’ which was in the form of a long bath and a good read. I decided I wanted to join in ‘me time’. I took the plunge and started to research some luxury bath products and I came across Lucy Annabella Organics. I bought the Time Out Bath Milk through the website and I now have even more baths than my friends. The smell is incredible from start until I finish - I feel really sleepy and relaxed afterwards...I just jump into bed and fall asleep within minutes.
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