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Organic, cold-pressed, pure Coconut Oil is a hair strengthening hero.  The vitamins and essential fatty acids naturally found in coconut oil nourish the scalp and restore hair follicles.

Toxin free Coconut Oil is a skin treatment which will deliver a satin smooth skin.

Made with 100% Organic Ingredients


How To Use Me

Use Organic Coconut Oil as your body moisturiser every day. Best used after your shower. Massage your treatment oil directly into your skin, wet or dry. Ensure to apply your coconut oil to dry elbows, knees and cuticles.

Use Organic Coconut Oil to gently and effectively remove your make-up. Once your skin is clean apply a hand warmed layer of Coconut Oil to your facial skin as a night time treatment to nurture and nourish your skin.

Melt your Organic Coconut Oil in the heat of your hands, massage into the scalp from the roots and comb through your hair to the ends. Let the Coconut treat your hair for at least 2 hours or ideally overnight and simply shampoo it out after your desired time. Repeat twice weekly or as often as you feel necessary.
Rub a pea-sized amount of coconut oil between your hands and smooth it over your hair to ease fly-a-ways and frizz.


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100% Organic Ingredients
Cocus nucifera (coconut) oil
500 Grams



My hair care saviour

Posted by Leanne, 21st Jun 2017
I use this religiously on my hair and it has worked miracles. I melt it and cover my hair from root to tip in it and leave it on overnight. I then wash out in the morning. I love it so much as it comes out in 1 wash. I have used other products before and you need to wash out twice which is a pain. There is no smell and it really enhances the skin and texture of my hair. 5 out of 5.

If you are into Coconut this will make your day

Posted by Badger, 17th Jan 2017
If you are into your coconut oil this will make your day. A very generous jar of coconut oil which is very coconuty indeed, it tastes of coconut and has gentle aromas of coconut. It is organic too. And there's plenty of it.

Great! Finally no coconut smell but all the benefits!

Posted by A.Douglas, 17th Jan 2017
This is a brilliant multi purpose pot of 100% pure cold compressed coconut oil. It is a huge 500ml glass pot which looks very smart. The best thing about this is the smell or lack of smell. I do not wish to smell of coconut, or a tropical drink etc. This doesn't really smell of anything and definitely does not smell of coconut. This is the best thing. I have used this to condition my frizzy hair. Used it in my baby's hair. I have used this as a moisturiser on my feet. it is just brilliant. The best part is that a little goes such a long way that this will last for a very long time. I think the price is such a bargain as it does away with so many products. I love this.

A little goes a long way

Posted by John, 17th Jan 2017
This is a very large jar of coconut oil, which I suspect will last me a very long time. It is solid at room temperature at this time of year (maybe less so in summer). I found it melted easily with body temperature just rubbing a finger over the surface. This is my first experience using coconut oil on hair and body. I have to say, I like it. In very small quantities it was good for smoothing frizzy hair although too much would make it quite greasy. I have also used this as a moisturiser and it only took a small amount to result in smooth soft skin, even on the driest areas. My experience of cooking with coconut oil is that the food tastes vaguely of coconut. This jar doesn't seem to have much of a smell and it didn't leave my skin or hair smelling of coconut.

Beautiful luxury highest quality coconut oil for variety of uses

Posted by Ibraar, 17th Jan 2017
This comes well packaged in a BIG jar It's pure cold pressed coconut oil and it is The most beautiful feeling tasting and looking coconut oil I have seen or tried (and I've used plenty of varieties - ranging from supermarket to boutique and home made organic from wellness festivals) As cold pressed coconut oil is supposed to be this is neutral in smell - it doesn't smell of anything. This can be used for a variety of uses. Anyway is this worth more than a cheap variety? That depends - as would you spend more on a pure organic product rather than mass produced? Whether a food product or a cosmetic? It's all a matter of opinion, philosophy and taste so bottom line is if you want the best organic natural product then don't think twice. In terms of results - if you've used coconut oil before you'll understand that this is exceptional - if you haven't tried it and have read up on the benefits and are thinking of giving it a go - I'd go for this high quality product rather than a cheap bottle from the grocers or supermarket. The price isn't expensive for the amount you get and for the quality and fact that it'll last you ages.

My hair saviour

Posted by Hannah , 15th Sep 2016
I am using this oil on my hair. I use it once a week by putting it on my hair before I go to bed and then wash off in the morning, it washes out so well in one wash compared to others I had tried and I would always have to wash it out twice and my hair would still feel greasy. My hair is blonde and has always been quite dry and lifeless, this has completely changed my hair. My hair is now so much softer, glossier and healthier looking. I no longer need to use product for styling my hair etc. Loving this!!

Best thing I ever bought!

Posted by undefined, 17th Aug 2016
Absolutely love it! Use it every day, I had tried just about everything to clear up acne and then this worked! Very happy!

Love this

Posted by Nikita, 16th Aug 2016
Wanted to try this and see what all the hype was about and now I get it. The coconut oil is fab for just about everything! I use it on my body, face, hair, feet and cuticles. It is really moisturising and it doesn't feel greasy like some creams do.


Posted by lucy, 22nd Nov 2015
I use this daily for my sons dry skin & my husbands dry this product, i saw such a difference witin a week. You use so little, the large pot lasts ages. I should also add it doesnt sit on skin for ages, it dries in really quickly, as mine like most 3 year olds hate the feeling of greasy cream!
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