Niaouli & Lavender Aromatic Candle


Niaouli and Lavender combine their natural healing powers to leave you physically, mentally and e ... Read More


Niaouli and Lavender combine their natural healing powers to leave you physically, mentally and emotionally renewed and refreshed. Breathe in this soothing scent to wonderfully restore confidence and self-belief.

Lucy Annabella's delicately scented candles are created using 100% soya wax, a pure cotton wick and exquisite organic essential oils.


How To Use Me

Treat your candle with love for a wonderful burning experience.

This candle will burn for up to 50 hours if cared for correctly.
Before your first burn trim the wick.
Ensure the first burn is at least 4 hours to guarantee a clean burn to the end.
Do not place in a draught or directly onto a wooden, glass or marble surface.
Keep away from other sources of heat.
Never leave burning candle unattended.
Keep out of reach of pets and children.


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Gift Wrapping
100% Organic Ingredients
Niaouli Essential Oil & Lavender Essential Oil
The Little Extra's
Soya Wax, Cotton Wick
200 Grams



Really like this candle

Posted by Amy, 28th Jun 2016
Lovely scent. No smoke came off it which is great. It didn't give off any fumes so I felt better about burning it with my kids in the room. Lovely packaging.

Unique and fabulous

Posted by P McA , 30th Jun 2015
A combination of longevity of burning and enticing scent make this the perfect candle!


Posted by GC, 28th Jan 2015
This candle is just lovely; between the scent, the clean-burning soy wax, and the beautifully designed jar, it's simply gorgeous.

My Wonderful Bathroom 'Spa' Experience

Posted by Jane Marie, 12th Sep 2013
As a new years resolution I decided that I would try to change my outlook on beauty products. I wanted to become more conscious about what I put on my skin. Through the year so far I have become really serious about the products that I use because I know that there are so many harmful ones on the market. I have a weak spot for candles and saw the Lucy Annabella Organics Niaouli and Lavender Aromatic Candle – I read the ingredients and knew I would like it and to say the least I was blown away. Not only is this a gorgeous candle but I then found out I could buy a matching bath milk…….sold! My bathroom is now a spa. I light my Niaouli & Lavender candle and pour a capful of Muscle Quence Organic Bath Milk and go to heaven for an hour. Cannot wait to try more candles and bath milks – my new guilty pleasure.


Posted by beautimous, 10th Sep 2013
Gorgeous scent - and it lasts for ages!
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