Muscle Ache Soothing Gift


The Muscle Ache Soothing Gift is designed for active individuals.  The therapeutic essential ... Read More


The Muscle Ache Soothing Gift is designed for active individuals.  The therapeutic essential oil combination in this stunning gift will reduce lactic acid and ease muscle tension and stiffness in overworked stimulated muscles.  This formula is a catalyst for repair which encapsulates consoling aromas to wonderfully restore confidence and self-belief. 

Muscle Ache Soothing Gift is a therapeutic luxurious gift set containing Soothing Organic Treatment Oil , Soothing Organic Bath Milk with mind calming Niaouli & Lavender Aromatic Candle.


How To Use Me

Use Organic Treatment Oil as your body moisturiser every day. Best used after your shower. Massage your treatment oil directly into your skin, wet or dry.
For your facial skin, apply your Treatment Oil nightly. At night your skin replenishes best so it is the ideal time to support it with a vitamin rich boost. Do not forget to treat your neck and chest.
Use as a hair treatment three times weekly. Pour your Treatment Oil along your hairline and massage into the scalp to strengthen growth. Apply a small amount to your ends to repair damage.

Use Organic Bath Milk by swirling a small pour of bath milk through warm running water. We recommend a cap full per bath.
Shake well before use.

This candle will burn for up to 50 hours if cared for correctly.
Before your first burn trim the wick.
Ensure the first burn is at least 4 hours to guarantee a clean burn to the end.
Do not place in a draught or directly onto a wooden, glass or marble surface.
Keep away from other sources of heat.
Never leave burning candle unattended.
Keep out of reach of pets and children.


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Gift Wrapping
Spike Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Marjoram Essential Oil, Vetiver Essential Oil, Soyabean Oil, Sesame Oil, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Apricot Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Rosemary Extract, Soya Wax & Cotton Wick
Surcrose Laurate
450 Grams



Amazing gift

Posted by Niamh, 25th Aug 2016
Loved this gift. I recently started running so my friend got me this for my birthday. I always take a muscle quench bath after my runs and I never have aches the next day, which is amazing!! The oil is beautiful and the scent is very calming. I haven't burnt the candle yet, but even having it in my room it creates a beautiful smell. Really love this gift, so happy I got it, my friend has gained major brownie points for it!!
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