About Us

 We believe in bath and body functional products which benefit our health therapeutically and are wrapped in luxury.  We deliver certified sustainable beautifully designed and packaged products.  Lucy Annabella, our aromatherapy expert formulates and develops our brand of organic bath and body products for your body and mind.

Borne out of a desire to create sublime oils, lotions, milks and candles made from organic plants and herbs, Lucy Annabella brings you luxury, free from harmful chemicals.  We want you to experience gorgeous products made from only the best essential and plant oils.   From the exquisite packaging, to the divine aromas released upon opening, Lucy Annabella’s ethos of organic luxury is evident in every scent.   We have created a range of products which encourage renewal and restoration.  Lucy Annabella wants you to immerse yourself in a cocoon of sensual healing. 

Lucy Annabella is natural indulgence.  The unique combinations of organic essential oils create aromas which take relaxation to almost religious levels.  We formulate opulent oils, bath milks, lotions and candles from organic essential oils sourced worldwide and brought back to Ireland where we apply an alchemist’s skill to deliver decadence to you.

Our sourcing and production methods have won us accreditation with the Soil Association and the Aromatherapy Trade Council.  We have Zero Carbon Footprint.  Each product is handmade, delicately packaged and sealed with love.   Put simply, Lucy Annabella is unparalled  luxury. 


Made in Ireland

The philosophy of pure living is incorporated into each Lucy Annabella Organics product. The tranquility of the Irish countryside, beautiful scenery and clean fresh air that envelops the Lucy Annabella Organics headquarters, is the perfect place for Colleen to develop her fantastic formulas.